“Little minds think and talk about people.

Average minds think and talk about things and actions.

Great minds think and talk about ideas.”

Benjamin Franklin

Circles gather eight people based on their shared passion, not position, to meet an expert to discuss a question. The participants get the biographies and pre-read or pre-watch in order to prepare. This allows for a 55 minute conversation with the speaker under Chatham House Rule and with no technologies and social media.  

Participants show up 5 to 10 min before the circle, coffee and tea is served and a nice breakfast with pasteries. The host welcomes the circle, sets the ground rules with no technologies and Chatham house rules, an opportunity to listen and to ask questions. We go a quick round saying our names, and why we are here. End with the speaker who gives a five min introduction to complement the pre read before we have 55 minutes of questions and answers. We welcome and encourage everybody to ask a question and for the conversation to evolve naturally. 5 min before the conversation ends we bring out a book or a token of appreciation and sign the front cover or a blank card with a personal thank you note to the speakers.

How to host Circles

Thank you for a very interesting discussion this morning. It was my first ‘circle’ and I must say it was a very nice and pleasant experience – so thank you for inviting me and organizing this!

A big thank you for hosting it and bringing such great people together.

Thank you for the conversations and for inviting me to be part of the Global Health Circle. It has really made my day to meet you all at these early morning meetings.