“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Council hosts conversations that matter between generations of people who love to ask questions, who are endlessly curious and care – about people and causes.

Council is a tight knit group of 12 people from different walks of life and have been invited because of their perspectives, passion and potential. The aim is to develop a community for critical thinking, mutual improvement and breakthrough insights with a focus on empathy.

The group meets monthly for breakfast from 07.30 – 08.30 and every three months for a private dinner together. The conversations start with an open question followed by anything people need help with. The conversations are under Chatham House Rule and no social media. The debates are encouraged to highlight new angles of the debate and not be one of victory, but rather discovery. Everybody is responsible, each in their turn, to host a question to be discussed. We discuss issues in society, philosophy, morals, politics and discuss business. The idea is that personal development, and critical thinking can lead to public opinion making. Every three months you are encouraged to share a piece of writing that you will get feedback on. We recommend connections and books to each other. Recommended readings are circulated weekly.

Candidates invited to join and if one leaves. Candidates are nominated by the members and unanimously chosen.

How to host Council 


  • Junto by Benjamin Franklin
  • Dry Club with philosophers like John Locke, William Popple
  • Knights around the table by King Arthur
  • Brain trusts by Franklin Roosevelt
  • Master Minds by Andrew Carnegie
  • The Inklings by JR Tolkien

Councils so far in Oslo have addressed: 

  • Education September 2016
  • Afghanistan September 2016
  • Mental Health November 2016
  • Leadership December 2016
  • Networking March 2017
  • Digital addiction 2017
  • Empathy 2018

Thank you again for hosting today’s Council Meeting. It was again a room full of inspiring individuals with strong opinions. I was very excited to hear so many thoughts shared and which gave insight into Norway’s and the world’s challenges.