Minds of

Minds of (City Name) brings strangers together for monthly conversations over dinner. This is an opportunity for people to build a network through conversations with people they would not usually meet.The conversations focus on ideas and concepts, rather than people.

Dinners are hosted at a low threshold venue that allows for conversations. Minds of Oslo has since 2015 gathered 20-35 people for a vegetarian dinner with no agenda other than to discover life by meeting strangers. These conversations, where the tribe meets, become a cornerstone for the community.

Members can invite other members into a Facebook group and all new members are formally joined when they fill out the membership form online. Dinners are hosted on rotation by the members. Each person pays for his / her meal to build a sense of ownership. Each dinner invitation has a quote to spark conversations and a question to share knowledge among the community. The answers to the question are circulated in the next newsletter and on the Facebook group. You must attend twice a year to be part of the community. Today Minds of Oslo has more than 400 members. 

If you would like to host Minds in your city or to learn more about Minds of Oslo, please contact Ingrid Helsingen Warner ingrid.h.warner@gmail.com

How to host Minds

“Attending a Minds of Oslo dinner was the first time I felt at home after moving to Olso from abroad. Everyone in the group was welcoming, engaging, and helpful. The evening was filled with interesting conversations that broadened my perspectives and helped me understand my new city. I met many people that I hope will become collaborators and friends!”